Meet Dug, our artificial intelligence software, whose main objective is to detect when children are exposed to inappropriate content and prevent such exposure in the future. Dug is included on all our tablets.

Currently, Dug is able to detect and block content related to:

*Click each tab to learn more about each detection

Cyberbullying and Grooming Detection

This system mainly detects texts sent and received from social network and messaging apps. It also detects more generic text such as the text that appears on the screen when you are navigating through an app.

Severity Levels

Detections are classified in three distinct ‘severity’ levels: low, mid and high

Popular apps where this is active

  • Instagram
  • Messanger Lite
  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat
  • Tik Tok
  • Google Chrome

Examples of detectable texts

Send any of these messages to someone on Instagram, Messenger Lite, etc. and Dug will pick it up.

Text exampleDetectionSeverity
You're stupid hahaCyberbullyingLow
I'm going to kill you tomorrow idiotCyberbullyingHigh
Show me your underwareGroomingHigh
F*ck*ng idiot, see you tomorrow!CyberbullyingMid
Idiot! Send me a picture of you nakedCyberbullying and GroomingHigh
Do you want to have sex with me? 👀GroomingHigh

What does it look like?

On the Dug menu, it can be switched on/off and detections can be reviewed

Dangerous messages detection menu: See that the detections made over which app and the severity level associated to each detection.

Dangerous message detection detail: This view shows a context of the detected text by providing three screenshots of where the detection was triggered.

Please keep in mind:

Bear in mind the following when using Dug.

Low battery turns off detection 

When trying out the detection systems, it’s important to consider that the systems are turned off if the battery level is < 10%. This is to ensure that the tablet doesn’t run out of battery too quickly. We are working everyday to improve our products and protect your children.

Sometimes detections will be incorrect

Due to the complexity of the systems, detections will sometimes be wrong or misleading. Please consider that our full effort is put onto reducing the amount of false positives to a minimum, but always considering that failing to detect something inappropriate or that puts the kid in danger is far worse than letting a false detection happen. Feel free to contact our team and report errors that you might encounter!

Questions or concerns?

Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding Dug and/or our tablets

Protect your child today with Dug!

Tablet Pro 2.0

Tablet Pro 2.0
safe tablet for kids
kids tablet
children's safe tablet
kids safe tablet
kids tablet
tablet for children
tablet for kids
children's tablet
Tablet Pro 2.0
safe tablet for kids
kids tablet
children's safe tablet
kids safe tablet
kids tablet
tablet for children
tablet for kids
children's tablet
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