About us

At SoyMomo, we seek to provide solutions that help children transition into the digital world while safeguarding the connection and closeness that families value most. Our team of designers and engineers develops all our technology in-house, and we are constantly incorporating feedback from our users to create the safest and most complete products possible with children, caregivers and families in mind.

Our Mission #1:

Protect Children

We understand the challenges that come with exposure to the online world, and want to offer parents a way to navigate this transition while protecting their children.

Our Mission #2:

Connect families

We see connection as one of the core pillars of family life, and provide technology-assisted solutions to safeguard what families value most.

Our Mission #3:

Educate caregivers

We know that technology poses a challenge to children and parents alike, and are here to guide them through this exciting journey.

Our Mission #4:

Embrace technology

We recognize the importance of embracing technology in the globalized world and seek to achieve the perfect balance between digital literacy and screen-free time.


Safe products with international certification. 

Always Connected

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