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SoyMomo Messenger

Always Connected With the Chat Function

The watch and app have a chat function, which allows you to send voice messages through the watch and vice versa; you can also send text messages from the app to the watch. The chat is protected and can only be used by people who have connected to the app via the watch's unique IMEI number. Strangers have no way to communicate with your child on the app, making it safer than social media apps like WhatsApp.

Safe Zones

Security Through Safe Zones

Regardless of whether it's at school, a park, or the town where your child’s grandparents live, with the safe zone function, you’ll always be notified when your child enters or leaves one of the zones that you've specified. Zones can be set individually and the radius can be set according to your needs.

Class Mode

No Distractions During the School Day

Although our watches don't have games, your child could still become distracted by the watch. But not with the school mode function. This ensures that your child devotes their undivided attention to their classes. Always available in an emergency, they can still press the watch's SOS button so the smartwatch continues to ensure the safety of your child.

GPS & Location History

For Worry-Free Excursions

Are the little ones ready for a trip alone to the park or a hangout with friends, but you're still not feeling 100% comfortable? Thanks to the GPS integration, you’ll always know where your child is and can easily view their location history through the App. This gives you peace of mind and allows your child to explore the world on their own.

SoyMomo App for


Internet Browser Security and Control

Defined Usage Times

For Responsible Technology Use

"Only half an hour!" - and you suddenly find yourself in a negotiation with your children. Not with the "Usage Times" function. Here, the hours and limits of use can be configured as you see fit. As soon as the time is up, the Tablet is locked and can only be unlocked again with the parent's PIN or via the App installed on the parent's smartphone.

Remote Functions

Take Control From Your Smartphone or Tablet

All the Tablet’s functions can be configured remotely through the parents' mobile phone. Modify usage times, limit applications and websites, or easily take a look at the Tablet’s current screen with just a few clicks from the SoyMomo Parental App.