By Gema Benito, Psychologist and Early Years Educator

New Information and Communication Technologies (NTICs) are here to stay. From online classes to video calls with friends and family members that live miles away, technology has changed the way we relate, and it constantly provides us with new and exciting opportunities to connect. However, the digital world can also be an overwhelming place for our children, who are especially at risk of revealing private information or contacting unwanted people. With this in mind, guarding our children’s safety is an urgent task that needs to be taken very seriously.

As parents and caregivers, we need to preserve the intimacy of our children. In times of increasing connectivity, we should guard their wellbeing, and give them the necessary tools to become digital citizens in a responsible and age-appropriate way without putting their psychological integrity at risk. SoyMomo Tablet Pro 2.0 allows caregivers to monitor and detect inappropriate content, which is why I believe that it is a great tool for introducing children into the digital world.

NTICs can also create conflicts at home, especially when it comes to screen time. In this sense, the tablet’s function that allows caregivers to program screen time and block the device remotely from the App can come in very handy. Keep in mind that it is important for all caregivers to deliver the same message regarding appropriate screen time and content, and that these should be determined according to the child’s age.

Here are some additional recommendations to promote the safe use of technology in children:

  • Be clear, but firm: Boundaries should be presented in a calm and clear way, and while it might prove difficult at times,consistency is key.
  • Live by example: Leading by example is more effective than reiterating rules over and over again, which is why caregivers should be especially vigilant of the way they use technology when children are around.
  • Every minute counts: Use mealtimes to discuss digital literacy, cyberbullying and use of technology.

I have had the opportunity to use the device, and I recommend it for both younger children given its simple design and basic features, and for people with mild to moderate cognitive impairments. You can adjust font size, program a night light schedule, download cognitive training apps and establish daily screen time among many other features.

Finally, if you ever feel like you need counseling in any aspect of your child’s education, do not hesitate to seek help. Parenting and caregiving are beautiful learning processes in which having a support network is fundamental.


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